Federated and local forums on the same homepage?
I'd like to restart an old community with fedibb. The throwback phpbb UI is irresistible!😳 In addition to our own local forums, is it possible to include a couple forums from such as "Music" and "Video Games" on the homepage and have my users interact?

Some questions about a new installation of LemmyBB
Hello. As I've mentioned on my presentation post, I'm planning to host an instance of LemmyBB, and although I won't start the actual installation until all the holidays have ended, I'm already in the planning stage, and many questions are already popping out ![]( 1) I would have preferred to not use docker (i hate it), but seeing that the manual installation of the Lemmy backend is heavily discouraged, I'll get used to the idea. But as I don't have many experience using docker, some questions arise as I read the installation manual: - "mkdir /srv/lemmybb" Does this implies that all the data inside the docker image will be stored on this folder? I always install Linux with separate system/data partitions, so I need to know this. I'm ok with using the /srv folder. - Is the database inside the docker image? Can it be configured to use any PostreSQL? I may install more services in this server, and I don't like the idea of having many databases engines running on it, I'll prefer only one centralized DB. 2) If I'm understanding correctly, the docker image exposes the service on, and then is reverse-proxied to the outside world. Can this reverse proxy be carried with Apache? I've never used nginx, however I have lots of experience with Apache, including reverse proxies, so I would prefer to stick with what I know. I can build a configuration for it based on the config file for nginx, no problem on this, but I need to know if the actual software will tolerate this or fail spectacularly ![]( 3) System and bandwidth requirements? I'll be using a bare metal server, and industrial PC with an Atom D510, 4GB of ram and 128 GB of total disk space. The connection is going to be my home connection, trough my home router ![]( Thanks for the help.

Might be interesting to add Lemmy support as an export target.

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LemmyBB 0.1.2 released, fixes federation
I noticed that federation was broken on, because Activitypub requests were not properly forwarded to the Lemmy backend. This fixes the problem so it is strongly encouraged to upgrade. It also includes many other bug fixes, see the [commit log]( for details. To upgrade, go into your Lemmybb installation folder and run `docker-compose pull && docker-compose up -d`.

interesting we have been trying to use existing codebases
Really interesting we have been trying to use existing codebases in a simuler way in the last few years with #indymediaback and #OGB What is your expirence? a good path?
fedilink is open for signup!
Give it a try if you are interested in the project. If you notice any problems, you can [open an issue]( Contributions are also more than welcome. In a few days I will publish the first release, and make a proper announcement.
1 is open for signup!

What would be a good name for a lemmyBB flagship instance?
I dont think sounds good, so im looking for other suggestions.

LemmyBB Development Update 1
Here are the new features in lemmyBB which I added since the [original announcement]( In case you dont know what it is, LemmyBB is an alternative frontend for Lemmy, based on [phpBB]( Sooner or later it will be able to replace lemmy-ui for those who prefer a different user interface. ## Support for site setup Admins can easily initialize their new instance ![]( ## Much improved post editor - Working smileys - Working previews - Working buttons to insert bold, italic, quote etc - Javascript enabled on entire site - Dont need to enter community name manually anymore ![]( ## Support for notifications You will now receive notifications about new replies, mentions and private messages. ![]( ## Next tasks There is still a lot of functionality missing, most importantly: - Private messages - Search - Everything related to moderation - Localization - User profiles Contributions are very much welcome!

Comment here if you need any help.

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