Hello. As I’ve mentioned on my presentation post, I’m planning to host an instance of LemmyBB, and although I won’t start the actual installation until all the holidays have ended, I’m already in the planning stage, and many questions are already popping out :

  1. I would have preferred to not use docker (i hate it), but seeing that the manual installation of the Lemmy backend is heavily discouraged, I’ll get used to the idea. But as I don’t have many experience using docker, some questions arise as I read the installation manual:
  • “mkdir /srv/lemmybb” Does this implies that all the data inside the docker image will be stored on this folder? I always install Linux with separate system/data partitions, so I need to know this. I’m ok with using the /srv folder.
  • Is the database inside the docker image? Can it be configured to use any PostreSQL? I may install more services in this server, and I don’t like the idea of having many databases engines running on it, I’ll prefer only one centralized DB.
  1. If I’m understanding correctly, the docker image exposes the service on, and then is reverse-proxied to the outside world. Can this reverse proxy be carried with Apache? I’ve never used nginx, however I have lots of experience with Apache, including reverse proxies, so I would prefer to stick with what I know. I can build a configuration for it based on the config file for nginx, no problem on this, but I need to know if the actual software will tolerate this or fail spectacularly

  2. System and bandwidth requirements? I’ll be using a bare metal server, and industrial PC with an Atom D510, 4GB of ram and 128 GB of total disk space. The connection is going to be my home connection, trough my home router

Thanks for the help.


Here: https://github.com/LemmyNet/lemmyBB#installation

ah ok, you can create the directory where you want because it is only about the directory where all the data and the database is stored.

The question is, can this instance of Postgres be accesed from another application? I’ll investigate further.

I can’t tell you, I don’t know enough about docker to give you a valid answer.

As I said, I have zero experience with Nginx …

as @nutomic@fedibb.ml said, there is no apache configuration currently available as a template, you would have to create one yourself

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