This is why you shouldn’t trust Microsoft. People need to start migrating.

Considering the increasing importance of AcivityPub-driven interaction, an interesting choice might be Codeberg as its underlying codebase Forgejo has an initiative heading for federation (see

So if you don’t consider Microsoft being at fault for abusing the trust lied upon them, there is no need to migrate?

Should they have chosen the position to not follow the sanctions as set by the government? Do you think many other commercial GitHub hosting services take the same position?

I mean there are perhaps other reasons to migrate for, but I don’t think this is it (unless you are at risk of being applied sanctions to, I suppose, in which case you must).

If you don’t plan to host free software, you might not care.

For free software, you might consider GNU’s criteria for ethical repositories, under which this would already make the hosting unacceptable due to a violation of C2 (see Even if you don’t adhere to GNU’s definition, you might then ask yourself why your definition of free software allows for more discrimination and whether that is justified.

I don’t trust microsoft and big corporations in general. I don’t agree with the sanctions either. This is just another example of why you shouldn’t use github. I think the best solution would be for everyone to self host, but that isn’t super realistic.

Helix 🧬

I agree with sanctions against states and companies but sanctions against Open Source Software if it’s not malicious are very weird.

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